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By Brandon Ladd

It’s my last week in charge, it seems weird to think about. College was a marathon and a sprint at the same time.

I’ve always described running a newspaper as a 400-meter race that kept repeating itself. That also seems like a fair way to describe life at SUNY Oswego. Just a series of dashes, catching my breath then starting the sprint again at full speed. It was a thrill, a thrill I never thought I’d get closing in on at the end. But I think I finally have it.

I will be living in Syracuse by next semester for students here on the shore of Lake Ontario. My goal and my plan for the past three years have come to fruition. It was surreal to know that the pieces came together and I landed my job in news production. In a town that has always caught my eye just 45 minutes away.

I also reflected on what this whole process of journaling at the Oswegonian has meant to me. This week, I went back and forth to find out if it was worth it and what I learned from my year as a writer, year as a sportswriter, and year as an editor. This 20-page weekly publication requires a small army to publish and succeed. The amount of effort from every writer, staff member, copy editor, editor, editor and top me each week was heavy and immense. You start with nothing and end up with a product that is not easy to match. Then press delete and start over.

The Oswegonian taught me to be myself as a leader, although most think that being a leader is a formula and a procedure to follow. What I found is not the case and the more I was myself, the better things got.

The best part of my time at the Oswegonian however is something I never thought about when I joined years ago. I met my girlfriend at the club and was lucky to have her support throughout my senior year. She supported me when I thought I couldn’t go any further. I can’t wait to see us grow and see what the future holds. Whether together or apart, I know that this year has made us people to be proud of and that is where I am most joyful.

The staff were special this year and held us to a high standard each week. They worked without complaining and understood their roles. The staff growth was amazing to see, as our pace and quality of work reached new highs week after week. That’s all that matters, that the staff were able to learn from this experience and grow as individuals in the future.

Another sight for sore eyes this year was our office space. The space that allowed staff to become friends and socialize. Many began spending time there, even when they were just doing regular school work. After COVID-19, it was nice to see the office space being a healthy, productive and social space.

This is my story of a year well done for the club. New editor Annika Wickham will take over next week and write this column going forward. I hope I have passed the torch with a big enough flame. Either way, she’ll do amazing things and I’m excited to watch from afar.

picture by Brandon Ladd

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