Krysty Wilson-Cairns: 5 films that marked me

After Krysty Wilson-Cairns was nominated for an Oscar for her first feature – the stunning World War I drama 1917which she co-wrote with director Sam Mendes and for which they became nominated for Best Original Screenplay – the screenwriter followed it up with something totally different, scripting Edgar Wright’s stylish thriller Last night in Soho.

These two films alone testify to his eclectic tastes.

“For most of my childhood, I was never more than a few feet from a screen, not if I could help it. The TV in the living room, the multiplexes dotted around the city, and the ‘palaces of image “In Glasgow, I used to live in those places,” says Wilson-Cairns. “That’s probably why I need glasses now. If my grandmother was right, I gave myself square eyes – and I guess whatever the soul equivalent of that is…”

Her latest outing sees her pivoting the genres again, this time towards true crime with an adaptation of Charles Graeber’s non-fiction book, The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness and Murder. Directed by Tobias Lindholm, The good nurse casts Eddie Redmayne as a nurse and serial killer Charles Cullen and Jessica Chastain as a colleague who brings him to justice.

Below, Wilson-Cairns shares with A.frame the five films that made her the screenwriter she is. Or, as she puts it, “For lack of a better term, square soul.”

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