Kenny Sebastian shares a photo of an English questionnaire with his name, Post Viral

The comedian then gave his own version of the question to ask.

On Wednesday, famous stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian shared a photo of an exam on his official Instagram account. But what’s so special about it? Well, the newspaper bears his name, which surprised the comedian.

The post has now gone viral, receiving over 65,000 likes in a single day.

“Someone told me I’m on their English homework,” Mr Sebastian said in the post. The attached screenshot showed a section on creative writing skills that included a paragraph on the comedian.

“Honestly, this feels more like an achievement than any cost. Kudos to whoever came up with the question (exam person?). I love how professional I am in the question. J “I just postponed the show, I didn’t cancel it. I also want to announce my tour like this. About the English proofs,” Mr. Sebastian said.

The paragraph about Mr. Sebastian read, “Mr. Kenny Sebastian, the popular stand-up comedian, was supposed to perform at your school. For some reasons, the program has been postponed. Write a notice of about 50 words informing students of the new date it is coming. You are Ali/Alisia, Arts Club Secretary, The Sunrise Public School, Delhi.

The comedian then gave his own version of the question to ask. “Kenny Sebastian is performing in your town. Write a letter to your family inviting them to go together.” 5 points,” he said.

“Also, English was my favorite subject (and my teacher) at school. It’s come full circle haha,” added the 31-year-old.

Instagram users were thrilled and posted heartfelt comments on the post.

“I really want to write these answers because English was also my favorite subject,” wrote a user.

While another said, “I would delete classmates who choose the Ananya/Anand question over yours.”

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