Kate Middleton and Princess Diana use clutch bags as ‘fascinating’ etiquette tools

Kate Middleton has been inspired by Princess Diana in many ways over the years, but there’s one particular accessory favored by royal ladies that has a “fascinating” secret use. Famous stylist and fashion coach Miranda Holder explained that the clutch is a royal classic, used in particular by Princess Diana, who the Duchess of Cambridge and Cornwall has made a staple of her wardrobe.

Miranda Holder, who is known for her viral TikTok-style videos posted under the username @themirandaholder ‘Your Feel Good Fashion Coach’, explained: “The clutch has always been a royal classic, but Kate is rarely seen without a clutch. even with her more casual outfits.”

She continued: “A clutch is a very elegant and chic way to finish off an outfit. It’s very feminine. She never really likes oversized bags, she always goes for medium sized ones. It just looks very well assembled, very finished and very elegant.”

However, there’s a lot more to the royal cover than meets the eye. Miranda explained that there is actually “a whole cover language”.

“It’s really typical in itself, and it’s quite fascinating,” she said. The expert explained that the clutch was regularly seen at high-profile royal and business functions in the late 1970s through the late 1990s thanks to the then-Princess of Wales, Princess Dianna .

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“Princess Diana would use it to protect her cleavage when getting in and out of cars,” Miranda said.

Chelsea-based handbag designer Anya Hindmarch, who regularly helped the Princess of Wales with her accessories, previously told the Telegraph: ‘We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘bags. à décolleté, “little satin clutches that she would cover her cleavage with when she got out of the cars.”

One of the most remarkable photographs of this was taken in 1997 on his 36th birthday, just two months before his death.

At a gala in honor of the century at the Tate Gallery in London, the princess used a black clutch to conceal the neckline of her beaded Jacques Azagury dress.

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Kate Middleton has also embraced the clutch, although it has many more uses than just protecting her modesty. Miranda explained: “Royal ladies use it to signal their aides when they want to be rescued or leave, when they’ve had enough or when they need to go to the bathroom.”

Myka Meier, the founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told Good Housekeeping that the Duchess holds her bag in front of her with both hands when shaking hands can be awkward. According to the etiquette expert, if Kate needs to use one hand, she can place the pouch in the other hand. However, she rarely puts her bag under one arm, as it could be considered “bad etiquette”.

Clutches aren’t the only accessories included in The Royal Family’s Secret Language. Queen Elizabeth II was known to use her handbags to point out various things to her aides.

Daena Borrowmanwman, marketing manager at jewellerybox, previously told Express.co.uk: “Handbags or clutches also serve as a practical social tool.

“They are always held in the left hand so that their right hand is free to greet the public or greet people, but the Royal Family may sometimes hold them with both hands to avoid shaking hands. The Queen, however, used her purse to send social signals to her staff that she’s finished her meal or wants to end a conversation.

If the queen ever found herself in a situation she wanted to get away from, she would put her purse on the floor, rumor has it.

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