Jagannath professor under fire for posting answer paper on Facebook

A professor at Jagannath University in Dhaka has come under the spotlight after posting photos of some of the answer papers from an exam recently held in his department on Facebook.

Although the teacher, Md Sawkat Jahangir from the Accounting and Information Department, did not release any identifying information about the candidates, the decision itself was heavily criticized by his peers, university authorities and students. .

On Friday, Professor Jahangir attached photos of two answer sheets in a post on his Facebook page. “Here are some examples of answers to the midterm exam at the master’s level. The writing was impeccable, but the quality of the responses was shocking to say the least. It made me really sad, so I’m not going to grade those responses,” he wrote.

The Facebook post quickly went viral and students at the department and university were heavily ridiculed and became the subject of a myriad of social media memes.

The post and subsequent trolling angered students at the department and the university.

A master’s student in the department, who requested anonymity to bdnews24.com due to the sensitive nature of the issue, said the students were very hurt because it was their professor who opened the floodgates for criticism on a public forum instead of protecting them.

“I can bet those answers weren’t coming from our regular students. But the teacher never mentioned it. So we are facing vicious trolling on social media now,” he said.

Regular master’s students are the day students of the department, who have obtained undergraduate degrees from the university in the same subject.

Another regular student at the department, requesting anonymity, said, “The professor did not act responsibly. He made us look like idiots. Everyone questions the quality of students in the department.

bdnews24.com found many Facebook posts and comments by frustrated students at the department and university. The general sentiment from these posts and comments was that the professor’s decision to post the answer sheets publicly humiliated them.

On Saturday afternoon, the professor edited his earlier post, adding, “These are some sample answer sheets from the midterm exam at master’s level in an evening program at a private/public university. …”.

When approached by bdnews24.com, Prof Jahangir defended his message and said that the answer sheets represented the general status of academics in Bangladesh and that he never mentioned that the students of the University of Jagannath had written these answers.

“It was not my intention to troll anyone. I never said JnU students wrote these responses. My motive was to paint a general deplorable state of our academia, which I believe the most didn’t get it. I would ask you instead to track down the students who wrote these shocking answers to find the real truth,” he said.

Authorities, however, disagree with Professor Jahangir.

AKM Akhtaruzzaman, the university’s exam controller, said Prof Jahangir breached the university’s code of conduct by posting the answer sheets on Facebook.

“It doesn’t matter whether the students in question are regular students or evening program students. He [Prof Jahangir] can’t do it, period. It is the teacher’s responsibility if a student fails, not the other way around. Instead of posting their articles on social media, the professor should have called the students in question to find out why they wrote ‘shocking’ responses,” he said.

“As a senior faculty member, we did not expect this from Professor Jahangir. He did some damage to the reputation of the university by pulling off this stunt. What will junior faculty members get out of it? »

It was not the first time the university had come under the spotlight due to the unauthorized publication of exam papers this year.

Earlier in June, a photo showing an exam paper of a student in his first semester in the English department, went viral.

The additional answer sheet he used bore the inscription – “Sir, I feel sad today”.

The photo drew both laughter and criticism, leading authorities to summon the student.

The student in question appealed to the department and admitted his mistake, asking to be pardoned.

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