“Jacqueline is like a…” | Interview with Kichcha Sudeepa | Vikrant Rona | movie mate

Kichcha Sudeepa talks to Anupama Chopra about the pulse of Vikrant Rona, works with Jacqueline Fernandez on the hit song Ra Ra Rakkamma, and does Salman Khan’s most hilarious mimicry for us.

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Edited by: Sakshi Arya
Producer: Sneha Menon Desai
Associate producer: Vinisha Tauro
Director of photography and sound: Rahul Chaudhary
Production Manager: Vir Suryawansshi

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00:00 Promo
00:46 Kichcha Sudeepa’s excitement to be on Film Companion
01:43 How do you present performance in Vikrant Rona?
03:00 Vikrant Rona character arc
10:17 Story of Ra Ra Rakkamma song
15:34 Working with Anup Bhandari
16:48 Transition Heroes and Villan
21:36 Pan Indian movies and southern movies
25:43 Why haven’t you directed since 2014?
27:13 Kichcha Sudeepa Relationship and Wife
29:30 Narration of the film Vikrant Rona
31:20 Appreciation by wife
32:25 Is “Go Big or Go Home” true?

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