Island-style restaurant ‘Paper Tiger’ opens in Portland, Maine

Fun facts time. According to, Portland, Maine has more restaurants per capita than any other in the country except San Francisco. There are over 300 restaurants to choose from in Portland. It’s a crazy city! You could name just about any cuisine in the world and you’d find a restaurant in Portland that serves it. And now you can add another to the list.

Portland hosted Paper Tiger in Portland on Monday at 425 Fore Street in the former Maine Lobster Shack space and right next to Gelato Fiasco. They describe themselves as a restaurant “inspired by traditional fast food, oyster bars and late night Chinese restaurants”.

Glancing at their menu, they serve seared scallops, whole roast fish, double burger, squid ink noodles, and wok fried lobster. I’m going to skip the squid ink thank you, but the wok-fried lobster intrigues me. I’ve never had fried lobster, so I’m in.

They also have a raw oyster bar and serve their own exotic house cocktails like the one they call “Grow Up, Peter Pan”. It’s a house blend of rum and mezcal with chocolate, almonds, pineapple and lemon. Peter Pan is too young to drink that.

Take a look at some of the photos Portland Old Port shared on their Instagram page.

Paper Tiger has just started and they plan to be open seven days a week from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. so that you Old Port late-night revelers have a new place to visit. Have a “Growing Up, Peter Pan” for me.

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