Is film photography better than digital?

The age-old question resurfaces: is film better than digital? In this video, the winner is crowned once and for all.

There are definitely pros and cons for film and digital. The film has a certain materiality that simply cannot be reproduced digitally. The “film look” is a very real thing and new photographers spend so much money trying to reproduce it digitally. For things like certain colors or tones, that’s fine enough, but replicating the grain is a whole different story. And don’t get me started on taking a sharp digital image and blurring it or even worse photographing it intentionally out of focus.

Alternatively, digital has a certain cleanliness that film could never achieve. This quality works well in tandem with digital’s ability to take multiple frames in quick succession and get the best microsecond of an exposure.

In his video, Luc Cleland offers a deeper insight into their preferences. There are definitely pros and cons to both and I won’t spoil the video much more by covering them here. In the end, the only thing that matters is the final image. Your personal choices for your photographic image should dictate your use of film or digital cameras – or perhaps if you use an alternative process like cyanotype then no camera at all?

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