Introducing Buckhead Paper – Buckhead

8 years ago I bought the domain name from developer Ben Carter. He had planned to use it for the development of The Streets Of Buckhead, but had since turned his efforts to projects in Savannah. At the time, I had a vague idea that Buckhead needed an online home dedicated to covering the people, places, and events that make up our community. Our audience would be anyone who lives in Buckhead, or anyone who wants to. In the years since, every story my team has written and every photo taken (over 35,000 images to date) has been a labor of love. I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot about our community in the process.

It’s far from perfect, but Buckhead is a wonderful community that anyone would be proud to call home. This didn’t happen by chance, it’s the result of 100 years of friends, neighbors and business leaders working for a better community. It’s a job that’s never done but always worth it.

What better time than now to launch The Buckhead Paper? I hope we all have a deeper connection, knowledge and appreciation of our community through these stories. Each season of the year will bring a new issue, sent free direct to nearly 45,000 homes and businesses in Buckhead, and available at select local retailers. I hope you will join us as we move forward.

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