How to take screenshots on the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is all about bringing the pleasures of PC gaming to a handheld. But, if you’re exclusively used to mouse and keyboard controls, even simple actions like taking a screenshot may require learning a new language of button combinations. Luckily, in this specific case, taking a screenshot on the Steam Deck is as easy as a few taps – or to be more precise, a tap and a tap.

This guide will also show you where to find your screenshots once you’ve taken them, and how to upload them so that your friends and other Steam users can admire your Deck photos. Only if you’re in the mood to share, of course; there’s nothing stopping you from taking your Steam Deck games and downloading them privately.

How to take screenshots on the Steam Deck

Hold the Steam button, then press R1. That’s all it takes, and a notification will appear in the lower right corner of the screen to confirm a successful screenshot.

It’s one of many Steam Deck shortcuts that aren’t self-explanatory unless you’re already holding down the Steam button, which will present the full list. For example, hold Steam + L1 and you’ll toggle the magnifying glass tool, which is perfect for zooming in on hard-to-read text in strategy and management games. Holding the Steam button and pressing X will also bring up the on-screen keyboard at all times, while pressing the left stick up or down while holding the Steam button will increase or decrease screen brightness.

These are useful tricks to know, and taking a screenshot with Steam + R1 is among the quickest and easiest of the bunch.

Where are my Steam Deck screenshots saved?

If you don’t feel like digging through system folders, you can view, download, and delete your Steam Deck screenshots at any time through SteamOS. Start by pressing (don’t hold it down) the Steam button, then go to Media. Here, you’ll find all of your saved screenshots, including those you’ve previously uploaded to Steam on another PC.

To download a screenshot, highlight it, then press the Menu button (the little three-lined button above the right thumbstick) and select “Download”. Confirm the upload, which will add the photo to your private library only. To make it public, visible only to your friends, or unlisted, find the same screenshot under the “Private” tab, then highlight it, press the Menu button, and select your preferred visibility setting.

To bulk copy/paste/delete/manage your screenshots, head to the Dolphin file manager in Steam Deck’s desktop mode. Once you have entered this mode by holding down the power button and selecting it, launch Dolphin, click the “Open menu” button in the upper right corner and check “Show hidden files”. Then just follow this path:

Home > .local > share > Steam > user data > [Your Steam account ID] > 760 > remote

Screenshot folders for individual games will be named by their app ID, not the actual game name (which is annoying). Still, unless you’ve captured footage in dozens of games, it shouldn’t take long to find the right one.

A SteamOS screenshot showing the location of the save folder for Steam screenshots.

Alternatively, you can use the Steam app itself to access a certain screenshot’s save folder, just like you can on Windows. Open the app, click “View” on the top left, then select “Screenshots”. This opens the Steam Screenshot Manager, from where you can upload your photos, or find them in Dolphin by selecting one and clicking “Show on Disk”.

A SteamOS screenshot showing Steam's screenshot manager.

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