Here are the best tools for professional content creators and influencers in 2022

We live in an age where content is king (or queen). If you’re trying to bring your brand to the masses, get your music heard, or just make an impact in today’s digital world, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to be great content that serves as a vehicle for your message. .

This means that the competition to create great content is fiercer than ever. And since anyone with an iPhone and a hot plug can technically be a “content creator,” those looking to take them as seriously as possible should look to invest in the most powerful tools for the job.

It all comes down to investing in smart tools that meet your needs as a professional content creator, and no one knows that better than Track Club CEO Ryan Wines. Track Club is a subscription-based music licensing platform specifically for professional creators. The platform is powered by top sync company Marmoset. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan to discuss the tools the best of the best use daily to create great content for their niche.

Ryan Wines, CEO of Track Club, is a content creation guru

Ryan Wines, CEO of Track Club, is a content creation guru

What are the differences between amateur and professional creators?

Professional content creators tend to have a deeper understanding of their audience and the interests they’ve selected over time. Amateur creators tend to post more varied content when they first start out.

When you’re new to content creation, it’s essential to experiment and explore various topics and editing styles, test different concepts and techniques, and gather feedback from audience data by connecting with your community.

Over time, you can build on that feedback and identify and lean into your niche.

You can tell when someone has a deep understanding of what works and what their community cares about – both by the quality of the material and the style of the video. Usually, if there is value at a critical mass and the style, personality, or approach is unique, you can find traction to build on.

What are some common misconceptions you’ve heard about content creation?

You don’t have to be an expert video editor or participate in viral trends to be a successful content creator!

We are now in a golden era of content creation, where there is an audience for every niche and accessible tools to help you create. Whether your passion is niche sports footage or film photography, there’s an audience for you. With the right tools, anyone can do it in no time. It’s surprisingly easy.

Tell me your rule of thumb for what defines good content, regardless of medium.

A strong, two-way audience relationship is the key to good content.

Good content often requires an in-depth understanding of viewers, not only in terms of topics that interest them, but also style and approach. What kind of movie do they like?

What type of music do they respond to? What editing techniques communicate your ideas most effectively? These are vital questions that lead to success.

Again, the key is whether a critical mass has some perceived value, be it educational, entertainment, or otherwise, AND if the style, personality, or approach is unique, you can usually find a some traction to lean on.

What are the 3 best tools for professional content creation?

tools for content creators

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athletics club

What he does: Track Club is a music licensing subscription app that provides thousands of high-quality, meticulously curated songs for content creators to use in their videos, podcasts, streams, and more.

Who is it designed for: Track Club is designed for content creators looking for a fast and reliable way to find music for their videos. As members of the fastest growing sector of the global small business economy, content creators are producing video, audio and streaming content at an all-time high.

Yet they have limited access to quality music in their projects.

The X Factor: Track Club is the first music licensing subscription app to offer 100% customizable songs. Track Club is powered by Marmoset – the only certified B-Corp in the music licensing industry. Committed to reinvesting 10% of profits in community partners, Marmoset has donated over $100,000 in 2021 to community nonprofits working for social justice, education, homelessness, music advocacy and the arts, equity and inclusion, civil rights, etc.


tools for content creators

What he does: MixLab is a tool within a tool.

As a music customization feature built into the Track Club app, MixLab allows Track Club users to infinitely customize the stems of any Track Club song by muting or soloing instruments, adjusting volume levels and uploading their custom mix for their video, audio or streaming content.

Who is it designed for: MixLab is designed for content creators who want the perfect music for their content. By adjusting the stems individually, creators can create custom music that is entirely their own, curated to suit their content style and audience.

The X factor: MixLab is one of the only in-app song customization tools for music licensing. This gives MixLab users a unique level of control over their sound, allowing them to create specialized content that stands out from the crowd.

Ilovecreatives Courses

What he does: Ilovecreatives is an online community of like-minded creators looking to improve their digital creative skills and build a strong community of creators.

With content creation courses on topics like video creation and graphic design, templates, resource directories, community events, and more, Ilovecreatives is a one-stop-shop for professional creators looking to hone their craft. .

Who is it designed for: Creators, small business owners, and freelancers looking to monetize their work or take their content creation to the next level.

The X Factor: Ilovecreatives is a comprehensive resource and community network. When you enroll in an Ilovecreators course, you’re not just learning from the best of the best, and you’re connecting with like-minded peers you can collaborate with on future projects and work to build everyone’s engagement.

What don’t you need to create high-quality, professional content?

You don’t need fancy and expensive digital editing software to create great content.

There are tons of great free or inexpensive tools out there that give you the control you need. Track Club for music, iMove or Canva for video editing, and even in-app tools like TikTok’s video editor are great resources for creating compelling professional content.

You can always invest in a high-quality HD camera or microphone after gaining popularity and momentum.

First, you need to provide value to an audience and be unique in your delivery. Do it first – you can improve your gear set later.

Is it too late to be a content creator?

Certainly not! With apps like TikTok, Youtube and Twitch seeing record growth and more people finding unique niches online, the creator economy will only grow from here.

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