Happy New Year of Saint Sintra

The past year has been “pivotal” for New York-based designer Sintra Martins, who launched her independent label Saint Sintra in January with serious buzz.

To celebrate 2022, Martins called on some of his closest friends and collaborators to produce a series of intimate portraits for PAPER, with looks from the fall 2021 and spring 2021 collections of Saint Sintra.

She chose three role models – Mati Hayes, Jack Powers and Meg Yates – who Martins said are all “amazing individuals, with uncompromising creative vision.” There’s Yates, with his blog which is “a perfect blend of satire and drama”; Hayes, who always challenges Martins to “look at the world from a new perspective”; and Powers, the electro-pop musician with a ton of “Energy”.

“I have had so many amazing breakthroughs and opportunities, and I am so lucky to have the support of the most amazing group of people who have come together to support me and the brand since I launched in January,” said said Martins, reflecting on a 2021 whirlwind. “I look forward to 2022, and many other wonderful memories and moments.”

So happy new year from PAPER and Saint Sintra – join the party, below, champagne and disco balls included.

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