Haircut Trends: The Frame Cut Is The Most Flattering Zoom Hairstyle

Ultra-textured butterfly cut defying gravity airy bob, today’s haircut trends all tell a similar story: Va-va-voom volume is back in vogue. And now, a new look lends itself to the more is more movement. The frame cut which, as the name suggests, flatters and frames the face while adding texture, volume and movement to the hair. But what really sets this style apart is its Zoom camera friendliness.

“I would notice when Magdalene [Petsch] was filming Riverdaleher hair was so long – there were frames where the hair just continued,” says famed hairstylist Marc Mena, who coined the term. Charm inspiration behind the cut. “I noticed a lot of actresses had their hair so long they had to pull it out to get all the hair in the frame.”

Mena realized that the same dilemma would also apply to non-actors’ hair during Zoom and Facetime calls. Hence the new reign of the frame among contemporary hairstyle trends. “People are using zoom and facetiming more and more, it never goes away,” says Mena. “And that cut frames your face while you’re on those calls, so you can feel confident on camera.”

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Plus, people are just tired of the monotony that can come with super long hair. “When your hair is really long, it can be hard to try trendy hairstyles,” he says. “It can be difficult to do this Kim Kardashian’s 90s Inspired Updo or Cindy Crawford’s freaky look with dropped shoulders. People are starting to shorten more and more because it’s more versatile.

A-listers already understand the frame’s vast benefits: Khloe Kardashian, Zendaya, Kaia Gerber, Mindy Kaling and Zoey Deutsch have all been spotted sporting variations of the cut in recent months. “The frame is suitable for all ages and all hair colors,” Mena says, noting that its length, while hard to define, is a big plus: it’s extremely adaptable in terms of the ways you wear it, and even if she looks chic, she is really easy to style.

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