Grammy-Nominated Cheri Moon to Star in First-Ever Fully-Funded NFT Film

Cheri Moon is set to feature in the first ever non-fungible token or NFT-funded film titled “I Live Here Now” directed by Julie Pacino. According to The women’s newspaperthe NFT film was entirely financed by the Inn Keepers NFT-art project, which featured over 3,000 photos taken during rehearsals for the film.

The film is about a young actress who becomes disillusioned with Hollywood’s conflicting demands on her body after finding out she’s pregnant. She flees to the Madonna Inn and realizes that the inn employees are watching her every move. She begins to sense that the hotel has an even darker interest in her body as it slowly begins to swallow her sanity, according to the official Keeper Of The Inn website.

“I Live Here Now” is the first feature film to be funded entirely with non-fungible tokens, and the first photographic internet protocol to result in the creation of a complete motion picture.

The film and arts project is part of a commitment by Pacino to support female filmmakers, who still face challenges in the film industry. According to The Women Journal, only 12% of the 250 highest-grossing films of 2021 were directed by filmmakers. Pacino has since announced a competition for short films by female directors which will see NFT holders choose three filmmakers to receive a grant to help fund their films.

Cheri Moon is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and actress who has scored several UK and global chart successes with her house anthems, including One More Crazy Summer, Ships in the Night, House Arrest and Ain’t IA Woman, according to to her biological. She received a Grammy nomination in 2022 for contributing her song “We Are All the Same” to the album All One Tribe, by 1 Tribe Collective. She is also behind “Ain’t IA Woman,” a female empowerment pop anthem she recently released on International Women’s Day.

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