Get the Samsung Frame TV for under $1,000

Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale (which many people call a “second Prime Day”) starts on Tuesday, but you can already score some amazing deals at the retail giant. Example: the 5o inch version of Samsung’s 2021 Frame TV is currently on sale for $949. That marks a rare drop below $1,000 and brings its price down to just over $50 less than the best price we’ve ever seen for the 50-inch model. Both a smart TV and a work of art, the Frame TV became popular in 2017 for its winning combination of style and functionality. Since then, Samsung has only improved its aesthetic and feature-rich design. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to trade in your TV, this Amazon deal is for you.

TVs get a lot of attention, but not always for the right reason. It’s hard to ignore a large empty box that dominates the living room. Samsung’s Frame TV was designed to solve this problem. Instead of a blank screen, when not in use, the TV can display over 1,000 paintings or photographs. Its rimmed exterior completes the look, with a unique bezel that looks like a picture frame and is fully customizable.

But it’s not just a question of aesthetics, the Frame also has intelligence. It delivers crisp 4K resolution and offers all the connectivity you’d expect from a smart TV, like media streaming and built-in Alexa control. And if you’re worried about leaving your TV on all the time, don’t be. You can activate its built-in motion sensor to help save energy. Once activated, the TV will automatically show art when someone enters the room and turn off again when they leave.

Although a new 2022 Frame TV is available, this 2021 model is still a great option, not to mention that it’s currently on sale for nearly $400 less than its successor. The main difference between the two models is the 2022’s anti-glare matte screen, a feature the 2021 model lacks. Otherwise the TVs are largely similar. So if you don’t struggle with screen glare (and don’t need the latest and greatest), this deal is a great opportunity to marry style and budget.

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