Fujifilm will “only” increase film prices by 25% in North America

Last month, Fujifilm Japan announced to resellers that it would increase the price of the film by up to 60%. Today, Fujifilm North America clarified that if it continues to raise prices, it will be to a lesser extent.

Fujifilm North America Corporation tells PetaPixel that due to rising production costs, reports of it raising the prices of its films are correct, albeit to a lesser extent than in Japan and directly to resellers and as such may or may not be passed on to end customers.

A 25% increase in film prices for resellers

“The significant increase in raw material costs and manufacturing costs have increased, which is why Fujifilm North America Corporation has made the business decision to update prices for certain photo-related products,” a representative said. from Fujifilm North America. PetaPixel in an email.

“We recently implemented a Fujifilm professional film price update for our retailers by approximately 25% on April 1, 2022 and will be instituting a retailer cost update of 10% for our range of cameras at QuickSnap one-time use on July 1, 2022. It is important to note that this is the reseller/retailer price and may not be fully reflected in the price the consumer sees at retail.”

The company says it is still assessing costs when it comes to paper, chemicals and lab supplies.

“We are also evaluating, on a case-by-case basis, potential price updates for our color photographic paper, processing chemicals, and professional laboratory products and services,” the representative continues.

“We are committed to the imaging community; a place where everyone can celebrate the joy of photography. We appreciate our network of resellers/retailers and our loyal customers for their unwavering support.

Price increases on a range of products worldwide

In its original March 30 cover, PetaPixel noted that resellers in Japan should expect price increases for all Fujifilm products.

As of this month, photo film has seen an increase of between 20% and 60%. In May, prices for additional products will increase. Photo paper will increase by 10%-20%, color photo processing chemicals will increase by approximately 10%, inkjet paper will increase by 12%-22%, and Instax Mini 11 film will increase by approximately 15 %.

Fuji film confirmed these prices increases on its website.

Prior to the publication of his original story, PetaPixel contacted Fujifilm North America to confirm price increases for the region, but did not hear back until this morning.

Picture credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.

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