Fujifilm to increase film prices by up to 60% in April 2022: report

Fujifilm has informed resellers in Japan that they expect price increases on a range of its photographic products. Specifically, the price of the company’s photo film will increase by up to 60% from April.

Japanese camera store, film retailer and film developer Print Koubou posted a note on Twitter that she received from Fujifilm, as spotted by DCLife.

The notice, which does not appear to be posted online, is titled “Information on Partial Price Revisions for Fujifilm Products.” The note opens as follows, automatically translated:

We would like to thank you for your continued support and would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support.

We have worked to absorb costs by improving production efficiency and reducing costs in response to the continued decline in demand for photographic film, photographic paper and printed products. However, due to soaring prices of materials and raw materials in Corona and rising transportation costs, it has become difficult to absorb them solely by business efforts. I would like to say. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused but thank you for your patience. We look forward to your continued sponsorship of Fujifilm products.

Price increases on a range of products

The notice then lists a range of products that will see price increases of varying amounts. From April, photo film will experience an increase of between 20% and 60%. In May, prices for additional products will increase. Photo paper will increase by 10%-20%, color photo processing chemicals will increase by approximately 10%, inkjet paper will increase by 12%-22%, and Instax Mini 11 film will increase by approximately 15 %.

In June, prices for Fujifilm’s Prolab products will increase by 8% to 94%.

fujifilm japan movie price increase
Automatically translated by Google Translate

In the tweet that contains the photo of the note, Print Koubou says it will be forced to increase processing fees for film, photographic paper, chemicals, inkjet paper and other products. and similar services due to the increase.

“We recommend that you buy stock films from camera stores and photo stores as soon as possible,” writes Print Koubou, translated.

It’s possible that these price increases will only affect Japan, but given that Fujifilm cites supply chain and material cost issues, it’s very possible that the increases will affect the global market as well.

PetaPixel contacted Fujifilm for comment, but the company did not respond before publication.

Fujifilm’s changing business

While Fujifilm has insisted that film remains an important part of its business, the company’s management has shown it values ​​its growing medical division and has shifted heavily towards healthcare in 2021. .

The company closed its photo equipment factory in Greenwood, South Carolina, in July 2021 and eight days later its new CEO said the company would move away from the camera industry, saying materials healthcare and semiconductors would be its future revenue drivers. Despite this, Fujifilm said it would not stop supporting the camera industry or sell its camera division.

Fujifilm had expanded its footprint in Greenwood as recently as 2019, but the coronavirus pandemic may have forced the company to reprioritize.

Update 3/31: Fujifilm has publicly announced and confirmed the price is changing, but Fujifilm USA has still not responded for clarity on the increases or when to expect them to affect North America.

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