FREE Online Shopping Tools to Help Idahoans Save Big

During the holidays, it is imperative to save money. While you are browsing through all the gifts for your family and friends online, we have found a few very useful and FREE tools to use this season and beyond.

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I’m sure you are very familiar with coupon codes from influencers, Instagram ads, or online stores. But it is so hard to keep track of them and honestly they are relying on you forgetting to enter the discount code when checking out anyway.

Not only that, what if you don’t follow a random influencer who has a discount code somewhere for the product you are trying to buy.

You’re ignorantly paying top dollar for something you could save BIG on with just one silly code.

Well, those days are over. As long as you have a laptop and follow these steps:


So, “Honey” is a web browser extension that automatically searches the website for discount codes that have worked for that product. This eliminates the need to google for “discount codes for brand X” and hope (after copying and pasting the codes) that one of them will work.

Instead, Honey does it all four. You checkout and a little box pops up offering to run discount codes.

You press the button, it executes all the discount codes found on the internet for that store, then selects the one that gave you the biggest discount. It then automatically puts it on for you and tells you how much you’ve saved.

Oh, and just a quick little reminder – it’s FREE! So crazy.

I saved so much money with Honey, and it only takes a little click at checkout. So convenient and save a lot of time and money.

The ONLY downside is that it only works on computers so you can’t buy from your phone. But, I still save the links and then share them on my mac later to checkout!

Honey Web Extension – Save Money Online


The second tool I wanted to mention is Rakuten. Rakuten has been around for a long time, but now it also has a browser extension that lets you collect money from online stores!

Rakuten will also run any code it finds on the internet. You can have both extensions on your browser to make a mega rebate collector!

You can also track certain items and be alerted when they are on sale!

And the best part – it’s ALSO FREE!

Rakuten Web Extension – Save Money Online Shopping (Hackers)

Here are the links so you can download them to your browser extension today!

Honey Chrome Extension:

Honey website:

Rakuten Chrome extension:

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