Francis Ford Coppola admits he ‘didn’t really know how to’ film ‘The Godfather’

Making a film is a difficult task. Making what is often considered one of the greatest films of all time can be even more difficult. As The Godfather approaching its 50th anniversary, director Francis Ford Coppola talks about the difficult task of making this gangster epic, calling it a “very difficult experience”.

Francis Ford Coppola says he didn’t know how to do ‘The Godfather’

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For the 50th anniversary of The Godfather, Coppola, Paramount and American Zoetrope are working together to create a new restoration of the film. This latest version is created through the use of improved technology and higher quality film sources to fix some flaws and blemishes.

In a video interview with James Mockoski, American Zoetrope’s film archivist and restoration supervisor, for The New York TimesCoppola says that every time he revisits the film, he remembers the difficult time he had during production, but also the pride he has in creating it.

“You have to understand that as a filmmaker, I didn’t quite know how to The Godfather,Coppola said. “I learned to do The Godfather do it.

Coppola tells The New York Times that when he was making the film, he wasn’t as preoccupied with the details that he was faced with when working on this 50th anniversary restoration.

“I can’t say it was in my nature to worry about photographic details,” Coppola explains. “The Godfather was a very difficult experience for me. I was young. I got pushed around and pushed back. I bluffed a lot. I was just glad I survived the experience of The Godfather and I wanted nothing more to do with it. I didn’t even want to lead Godfather II.

There’s nothing Coppola would change in ‘The Godfather’

Recently, Coppola released a re-edited version of the third film in the trilogy titled The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone. The third film is generally considered the worst of the trilogy and this new version changes the order of the narrative and edits some scenes inside and out. However, Coppola says he wouldn’t change anything The Godfather 50 years later.

“I would say there’s no change I want to make,” Coppola says. “There are photos that I have and that I change and others that I will not touch. But there is no rule of thumb as to which ones.

Coppola is proud that ‘The Godfather’ is the film he is best known for

Coppola has a great filmography with many other award-winning films. Revelation now is a classic war movie and another Best Picture nominee. Many moviegoers also enjoy The foreigners, Bram Stoker’s Draculaand The conversation. However, most people will associate it with being the director of The Godfather, and Coppola, now 82, says he’s okay with that being his legacy.

I think it’s already the movie I’m best known for,” Coppola says. “If you ask everyone why I should even be considered important, they’ll say The Godfather. May be Revelation now is a close second. Revelation now is a more unusual and interesting film, in some ways. But I always made films that I didn’t know how to make and I learned from the film itself. That’s why my career is so weird.

Restored versions of The Godfather will be available for the 50th anniversary in 4k Ultra HD on March 22.

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