Florida newspaper ‘Sarasota Herald-Tribune’ removes Pro-Proud Boys column from Proud Boy’s Wife

Following criticism over his decision to publish a pro-Proud Boys editorial and not disclose that the author was the wife of a member of the far-right extremist group, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune picked up the controversial column on Monday. At the time of publication, the digital article has been replaced with a 404 error message. The original article, titled “Attacking proud boys does a disservice to parents of caring students”, was a response to a previous guest editorial in the Herald Tribune who called the Sarasota School Board members’ friendly association with the violent organization. “When I think of the Proud Boys, I think of fathers, business owners and veterans,” Radovich wrote in his column. “These fathers spoke at many school board meetings. They are concerned about the direction of their local schools and I commend them for coming to school board meetings. While the editorial to which Radovich was responding specifically identified her as the wife of Proud Boys member Nicholas Radovich, she and the newspaper did not disclose this information in her article. Beyond that, the newspaper sparked outrage for provide a platform this gushed over the Proud Boys, a group considered a terrorist organization in several countries. “The Herald-Tribune erred on Sunday by running a column by Melissa Radovich with the headline ‘Attacking proud boys does a disservice to caring parents’,” said Jennifer Orsi, the newspaper’s editor. Herald Tribunelater said in a statement to The Daily Beast.

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