Five Tips and Tools to Batch Edit Photos for Your Website

You can dramatically improve your workflow for editing the photos you want to use on your website when you use batch editing tools.

Basically, batch editing is a quick and easy way to apply the same edit to multiple photos simultaneously. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Start by reviewing the following five useful tips and tools.

1. Batch add watermark to photos

Many photo editing tools allow you to apply presets to multiple photos at once. But not all do. So make sure that the photo editing software or platform you are using allows you to edit photos in batches.

For example, you can batch edit photos for your website with BeFunky’s all-in-one online creative platform.

Suppose you want to add a watermark to several images that you want to use on your website to protect copyright and prevent others from using your photos.

Online photo editor’s handy batch button lets you edit hundreds of photos at once. So, with BeFunky, adding watermarks to your photos only takes a few clicks.

You can also ensure that your watermarks are placed precisely on each photo.

2. Apply light and color edits to your photos in batches

Watermarks are far from the only thing you can apply to multiple photos at once. It’s important that the photos you place on your website all have the same feel to give your site a uniform vibe.

One thing you might want to do to achieve this is add lighting effects and change color saturation, or any other way to light and change colors, like changing your photos to black images and white.

By syncing color and light settings across all your photos, you can quickly batch edit your photos so they all have the same mood and brightness.

3. Remove stains or unwanted elements from multiple photos

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If you have a batch of photos that all contain the same blemish, instead of going through them manually, you can simply remove the stain from each photo by applying your editing software’s stain removal tool to multiple images.

Not only a smudge remover tool is handy for removing unwanted marks on your photos. You can also use it to remove something static that appears in the background of all your photos.

For example, if you have taken many photos on location that you want to use for your website and each one has an unwanted person or object in the background in the same place, you can simply batch edit all the photos so that the spot removal tool removes element from each frame.

4. Constant cropping of multiple photos

One of the most commonly used tools for editing photos for a website is the crop tool.

When you follow UX design principles, you will understand how important consistency is to your website content. So while there’s nothing wrong with using multiple sizes of photos on your site, it’s best to use similar sized sets of images to give your website a professional look.

The best photo editors allow you to crop multiple photos to the same specifications. Again, this means it only takes a few seconds to crop many images to the same size.

On the other hand, if you manually crop each image, it would take a lot of time and effort.

5. Refine multiple photos

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Image: KnowTechie

A sharpening tool is surely one of the best tools you can use with photo editing software. It allows you to sharpen images that are not as clear or defined as you would like.

Again, you can apply the same predetermined level of sharpening to multiple photos simultaneously when using a batch editing tool.

However, you will need to think more about sharpening multiple images than other edits, such as cropping or adding watermarks. This is because sharpening can alter multiple images in different ways.

For example, if a person in one photo fills the entire frame while a person in another photo is in the background, the results of applying the same levels of sharpening to each will create different results.

However, if you’re using multiple photos that are all similar, like close-ups of people, a batch editing sharpening tool can be invaluable.

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