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Everyone loves to dive into a coat that hasn’t been worn for a year and find a folded $ 5 bill. It’s a nice surprise, even though the money was yours from the start. It was still forgotten.

In Thomas, Va., State treasurer Riley Moore was able to hand officials a surprise of more than $ 63,000 earlier this month – an unclaimed property check that appears to have been the result several expired checks that had not been cashed.

“It’s always great to give these funds to our small municipalities”, Moore said. “It’s citizens’ money, and in communities like Thomas, $ 63,000 can go a long way to fund the city’s needs. “

But unclaimed goods are not returned only to the big guys. The money from individuals may not match the amount Thomas receives, but estimates suggest that nationwide about 10 percent of individuals have unclaimed property waiting for them in government coffers.

“This is your money, and we want to give it back to you” Moore said.

How do you know if there is money waiting for you? Every year, newspapers across the state run special inserts listing unclaimed property detailed by the state. Moore’s office has a tool available online at, if you have any idea what you should type in the search box. Unclaimed property can be many things, including unpaid life insurance benefits, forgotten bank accounts, unused refund cards, uncashed paychecks, stocks, or even the contents of a safe. strong.

Don’t leave money behind, folks. Check the insert – it’s included in The News and Sentinel every fall. Or try searching for the state treasurer’s website.

We never know.

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