Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Frame pacing and stuttering issues can be fixed with a simple workaround

The pacing and stuttering issues that some players are experiencing in the recently launched PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake can be fixed with a simple workaround.

As explained on Nexus mods By BaselineX, it is possible to fix these issues by running the game in DX 11 mode and adding DXVK async to the game, a Vulkan wrapper that bypasses the game’s shader compilation, allowing asynchronous shaders to work.

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1) Make your game work DX11 mode, otherwise it will not work. There are two options to do this:
a) add “-dx11” in the launch options of your epic store for the game
b) open epic_emu.ini from Final Fantasy VII Remake -> Engines -> Binaries -> ThirdParty -> EOS and add “-dx11” after AppName = FFVIIRemakeIntergrade -> so it looks like AppName = FFVIIRemakeIntergrade -dx11, save the .ini file.

How to add DXVK async to your game (DXVK is a DX11-> Vulkan wrapper that bypasses the game’s shader compilation and allows asynchronous and stutter-free shaders to work)
1) Go to: DXVK Asynchronous Github
2) Download the dxvk-async-1.9.2.tar.gz to file
3) You need to copy the files d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll x64 folder in Final Fantasy VII Remake -> End -> Binaries -> Win64
4) Launch the game!

The Final Fantasy VII Remake PC port has been one of Square Enix’s more disappointing ports of late, lacking many features that should be standard for PC games, as Alessio pointed out in his review.

Sadly, it’s clear that no major effort has been made here to make this the ultimate version of the game, as it always should be with a PC version. Of course, you can play it at a higher frame rate if you have the hardware for it. PS5 users can only choose between a 4K @ 30 mode and a Performance mode which reduces the render resolution to 2688×1512 (according to Digital Foundry test) to achieve 60 frames per second.

That said, such a high profile release warranted something more.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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