Essential George Miller Movies to Watch

When George Miller’s feature debut – a low-budget car chase thriller called madmax – debuted in the spring of 1979, the then 34-year-old Australian filmmaker probably seemed like an unlikely gamble on becoming a world-renowned auteur. Although Miller enjoyed making and collaborating on short films for years at this time, he also attended medical school and was a practicing physician for most of the 1970s. But while working in a Sydney emergency room (and seeing all sorts of car-related injuries), Miller came up with the idea of madmaxAnd the rest is history.

In the four decades since, Miller has written, produced and/or directed more than a dozen other films, launched two successful franchises and won an Academy Award (for Best Animated Feature along with the 2007 films happy feet).

After a seven-year hiatus, Miller is back with Three thousand years of nostalgia, starring Tilda Swinton as a scholar traveling to Istanbul, and Idris Elba as a djinn who offers him three wishes in exchange for his freedom. As we all yearn for that August release, the waiting period is a perfect opportunity to refresh and celebrate the wonderful twists in Miller’s career thus far.

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