Elly Awesome reviews Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV: Anti-glare screen

The new updates to Samsung’s The Frame TV are truly impressive and the latest feature is truly breathtaking.

It’s that time of year again when Samsung unveils a collection of new TVs with their latest improvements in picture and sound quality.

Their hero TV line, Neo QLED, is back and better than ever, but I’m honestly very excited about their updates to their lifestyle TV line, which includes the acclaimed ‘The Frame’ TV.


The Framework by Samsung It’s been around for a while now, but if you’re unfamiliar, it’s a TV that mimics a piece of art hanging on your wall.

It pulls off that illusion because, first, the TV is ridiculously thin, second, it can be hung on your wall with an even more compact wall mount, and finally, it can be styled with a snap-on magnetic frame (there are multiple colors to choose from). choose from).

The idea is that when you’re not using your TV, you can put it into ‘art mode’ and display artwork, thousands of which are available through the TV itself (although some require payment) .

Impressive, Samsung also created a “One Clear Cable” design for the TV, which helps make the TV so thin.

This means there is only one cable coming out of the TV at any time, to keep things minimal, and this leads to the ‘One Connect Box’ which powers and houses all of your TV’s typical ports such as HDMI . It is then easy to hide in a TV cabinet to support the TV’s ability to disguise itself as artwork on the wall.

Even though everything about this TV is minimal, the screen features Samsung’s QLED Quantum Dot technology which delivers vibrant colors and impressive contrast, as well as support for True Dolby Atmos sound (although Dolby sound doesn’t is only available on 55 inches and over).

In person, while the quality of the TV isn’t quite as jaw-dropping as the epic Neo QLED range, it offers an overall pleasing viewing experience with strong but balanced audio quality.

Anti-glare screen

Already, in a room of other framed artwork, the TV could blend in perfectly. However, this year Samsung improved the display so that some artwork looks incredibly realistic.

This is enhanced by the frame’s new anti-glare matte screen which is designed to capture light and diffuse it across the surface of the screen so screen reflections are significantly minimized. It gives the TV screen an amazing matte finish and when viewing oil paintings you could almost swear they are real, with some textures looking somehow three-dimensional. This new technology has really taken ‘The Frame’ to the next level.

Artwork and NFT

And maybe with The Frame we have finally found a suitable vehicle to display NFTs. It’s so logical that Samsung not only incorporated the ability to display artwork on the frame, but they announced that they have collaborated with Nifty, an NFT platform that lets you discover, buy, trade, and view NFT artwork (even on Neo QLED TVs).

And while I’m not sure where to stand regarding my views on NFTs, I think it’s important to be open-minded about these “futuristic” forms of digital content, which I believe are likely to develop practical uses and value that we may not be able to fully comprehend yet.

Rotate your TV portrait

Overall, what blew me away the most about this TV is that it can also be mounted on your wall on an “auto-rotate accessory” which allows you to electronically rotate your TV from its traditional landscape positioning to what I call “portrait mode”.

That’s right, just press a button on your TV remote to spin it in front of your eyes while the Samsung The operating system also adapts to portrait mode. Arguably, this feature is perfectly in line with our craving for vertical content consumption right now, with the likes of TikTok. Although this is also ideal for displaying portraits or even family photos. I never thought I would see the day when we would have rotating TVs in our homes or portrait screens on the big screen, but I think it’s starting to make sense. Either way, it’s a fun and mind-blowing feature to see.

Should I buy one?

I can agree that you’ll use more power displaying artwork or content during the day on one of these TVs, but at least Samsung has built in a smart feature to combat that. There’s a built-in motion sensor that can detect when no one is in the room, in which case the TV will go into standby mode to save power.

Conversely, it may turn on when you enter the room. Also, it is important to note that due to the static nature of digital artwork, the TV uses much less power when displaying artwork than when playing back. video content.


I would say this TV is a bit of a luxury item, however, the Frame TV starts at just $799 for a 32-inch model. However, I would personally recommend a 55-inch TV as a minimum these days – if you have the space and the budget.

The 55-inch retails for $1999, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for its unique features and impressive aesthetics. If you want the rotating wall mount, it’s an extra $499.

Honestly, I think this is the TV of the future!

Elly Awesome is an Australian tech and lifestyle vlogger | @ellyawwesome | Youtube

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