Elden Ring modder cuts Erdtree to improve frame rate

Elden Ring was heavily criticized for its performance issues, especially its PC iteration.

That’s why one modder took matters into their own hands and took drastic action: take down the Erdtree.

To those unfamiliar, the Ertree is the giant golden tree that not only towers over the world with its shimmering branches, but dominates the narrative and the lives of the inhabitants of The Lands Between.

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Removing the Erdtree is therefore quite a serious matter. But it seems its giant size and lots of particle effects were causing tanking framerate.

“The closer I got to the Erdtree, the more demanding the game became,” K4richard said. Gamer on PCthe modder behind the Remove Erd Tree (FPS boost) mod, available at Nexus Mods.

“The Erdtree and a bunch of particle effects were clearly causing the problem. After removing the tree and some particles I was able to play at 30fps on a low end PC. A huge increase in 15 frames on a GT 1030! This mod has pretty much reduced the graphics card requirements for the game,” they said.

The mod is currently in beta, with a few remaining branches of the tree that the modder plans to fix.

But it seems to have a non-negligible impact on performance, especially during certain boss fights that take place at the foot of the tree.

Many mods have been created for Elden Ring since its release, but perhaps the most exciting of all is the upcoming Convergence mod which could drastically alter the game.

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