E Ink postcard photo frame to send postcards online


There was a time when collecting postcards was considered an enjoyable pastime. There was also the option to send them to friends and family, perhaps with a personalized note written on them. This last element made these postcards all the more special. Unfortunately, while modern communication aids like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and so on have rendered postcards obsolete, someone named Cameron aims to revive the past glory of postcards with a picture frame that he created using an E Ink screen.

Like Hackaday reported, the E Ink screen is designed to display images that your friends may have sent you. However, to do this, your friends will need to open the link you sent them to download the image. The photo frame will fetch these images for display based on an internal algorithm which also has multiple customization options. For example, you have the option to change settings or delete images you don’t like.

The photo frame itself is also very attractive thanks to the beautifully crafted wooden frame. It adds a retro touch to the photo frame, although the good thing is that the beauty is deep. This is because the circuit board inside has also been beautifully designed and assembled. Made in black, the PCB houses the ESP32, a battery and a USB-C charging circuit. Battery life is again a commendable year on a single charge thanks to the extremely low power requirements of the E Ink displays.

More details in the video below.

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