Download this blank Polaroid frame PNG for creative photo projects

Want the Polaroid look? You can download this Polaroid Frame PNG for free and use it in your creative photo projects, phone backgrounds, scrapbooks, or anywhere else you need to create the instant photo look without having to pay for the film.

Whether the Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story series exploding on Netflix, the iconic (if incorrect!) “Shake it like a Polaroid photo!” line in the Outkast track Hi you!or the retro-boosted revival of shows like stranger things, Polaroids have seen a huge resurgence in recent years. And our Blank Polaroid Frame PNG download means you can add that retro look to your creative projects.

Of course, nothing beats the best instant cameras (opens in a new tab)and take your own photos on a real camera like the Polaroid Now (opens in a new tab) or our favorite Polaroid Now+ (opens in a new tab). In fact, speaking of stranger thingsthere’s also the brilliant Polaroid Stranger Things OneStep 2 (opens in a new tab)which is a must for any fan of Hawkins’ horror-inspired show.

Click here (opens in a new tab) (or right-click and Save As) to download the ZIP, which contains a Polaroid frame PNG and PSD image file

Yet sometimes you just need a digital file to play – and we’re here to help! Click here (opens in a new tab) (or right-click and Save As) to download the ZIP file, which contains both a Polaroid Frame PNG and a Polaroid Frame PSD image file. Either way, you’ll find a single layer containing a blank frame of a full-size Polaroid instant photograph.

Simply unzip the archive and drag one of the files into your image editing software of choice. Then open an image, copy and paste the Polaroid PNG frame over it as a new layer, and presto – resize the image and crop all the edges, and you have a personalized Polaroid photo!

Of course, if you want to print a photo you like on an actual Polaroid photo, you should check out the Polaroid Lab (opens in a new tab) – a brilliant photochemical printer that uses genuine Polaroid chemistry to turn any image on your phone into a real instant photograph.

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