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For those of us who don’t claim Ireland in our bloodline, it’s overkill to dance a jig, let alone remember to wear something green on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17. No wonder I was thrilled when I shared a photo of this paper strip shamrock craft idea with my neighbor, who replied, “Your shamrock warms my Irish heart!”

The shamrock is traditionally Ireland’s national emblem, so why not display it creatively as a sign not only of the holidays ahead, but also as a green welcome to a long-awaited spring? Get some green construction paper and basic supplies from your home office.

Enjoy this mess-free art project with your school-aged kids. Your preschooler can also lend a hand when you do this together.

— 2 sheets of construction paper in two different colors. (I chose a light green and a dark green for these directions.)

— Yarn or fishing line for hanging

— Paper cutter (optional)

For each heart: Measure, mark with pencil, and cut with scissors or paper cutter: 2 strips of light green construction paper cut 1 inch by 3 inches; 2 strips of dark green construction paper, 1 inch by 5 inches.

1. Stack the 4 strips starting with one light green short strip, the two long dark green strips and ending with the remaining light green short strip on top. They should be stacked evenly at one end. Carefully staple this 1 inch wide stack about 1/4 inch from the even end.

2. Pull the loose ends of the short light green strips away from the pile (and above the staple) to form a heart. Hold with one hand as you pull the long strips in the same way.

3. Staple the four strips together near the pointed end of the hearts. Make two more.

To make the shamrock: Lay out three filled paper strip hearts on a work surface to make a shamrock. Staple the pointed ends of the heart together. Fold the paper near the staple to spread out the sides. Cut out and glue a thin paper stem. Make several shamrocks out of strips of paper and hang them from a window or chandelier.

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