Dog Photography ’em up Pupperazzi coming out in two weeks

If you listed, ooh, the top ten trends in gaming over the past couple of years, I think you’d probably include “photo modes” and “pet dog” on the list. So here is Pupperazzi, describing the zeitgeist as a game specifically devoted to taking pictures of dogs – which, of course, you can also pet. There are only two weeks left until release, with a release date of January 20.

Pupperazzi is one of those games that is quite simply what it appears to be. Set in a world populated entirely by dogs, your task is to walk, explore, and photograph them. There are many different types of dogs out there, and the Steam store page lists Shibas, Terries, Labradors, Pugs, with more promises. Your camera is appropriately designed so that you can add filters and switch lenses to get the best shots while the dogs are walking, biking, wagons, and more.

Honestly, it sounds like the kind of game that could get old quickly, but I’m very optimistic because it’s being developed by Sundae Month, the creators of Diaries Of A Spacepor Janitor. They are people who know how to make a world that is fun to explore. It’s also published by Kitfox, which has a decent track record.

If you’re still not convinced, it will be available on launch date through Xbox Game Pass, as well as on Steam.

As the release is just around the corner, Sundae Month released a small music video today. It’s about loving dogs, which I can relate to:

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