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As the growing season is in full swing, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reminds landowners that tools and resources are available for those who experience crop and livestock damage from wildlife.

Landowners can contact their nearest Game and Parks District office to discuss options for mitigating damage, such as scaring devices, fencing, damage control permits, or opening land to the public access for hunting. Find a local office at

Landowners can also contact a wildlife biologist about their wildlife damage concerns at

Species that often cause depredation problems include, among others, deer, elk and geese.

Big game populations are best managed by hunting. In 2021 and early 2022, Game and Parks increased tags for deer, antelope and elk, and prioritized antlerless seasons for early and late season elk. Game and Parks continues to address localized depredation issues through targeted efforts.

Game and Parks also continues to offer the Antlerless Hunter Database, which connects hunters who wish to harvest antlerless deer with landowners who are experiencing deer damage issues on their property. Learn more at

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