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October is American Archives Month! To celebrate, Stars and Stripes Archives and Library is sharing “behind the scenes” footage of Stripes’ operations, staff and archives throughout the paper’s eight-decade history.

Seoul, South Korea, August 1956: Workers load bundles of the Korean edition of Pacific Stars and Stripes onto a truck for delivery to the newspaper’s printing and distribution point. After nearly six years of printing the Korean edition of Pacific Stars and Stripes, the Korean printing company shut down its presses in August 1956 and a new, fast, multicolor press in Tokyo took over, expanding the Korean edition of 16 pages to 24 pages.

Since 2004, the small (but mighty!) Archives staff has worked to make more of our historical content available online. We have digitized our European and Pacific editions from 1948 to 1999, as well as many of our World War II editions and made them available online via

In 2014, we focused our efforts on preserving and digitizing our extensive photographic archive and slowly but steadily digitized negatives, slides and prints, focusing primarily on those with preservation issues.

In addition to images created during newsgathering, the Stars and Stripes archive also contains numerous images showing the “inner workings” of the newspaper.

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