Deepika’s reaction to Ranveer’s photos from Paper Magazine Shoot.

Bollywood human builder, actor Ranveer Singh did one last photo shoot for Paper Magazine. After seeing Ranveer Singh’s photos for Paper Magazine, his fans went crazy. For this photoshoot, Ranveer Singh was clicked naked. It was surprising and shocking at the same time for his fans.

In this Ranveer Singh photoshoot, his fans and everyone want to know Deepika’s thoughts on this. According to the sources, Deepika is already familiar with Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot with Paper Magazine and his concept of nude photos as well. She says they were both already aware of the concept of the photoshoot for Paper Magazine.

And even after knowing that Ranveer Singh wants to do something out of the box. And I want to try something new. As Deepika said, her fans and everyone already know her fashion choice which is extreme. As Ranveer is very comfortable with his skin, so this was nothing new.

After seeing Ranveer Singh’s photos for Paper Magazine, Deepika was blown away and she was a part of this photoshoot from the start of the photoshoot and its concept. Deepika really liked the concept. We all know that Deepika Padukone is her husband Ranveer Singh’s biggest supporter, so when it comes to this photo shoot and her concept of nude photos, she didn’t flinch and encouraged her husband to try something new and different.

As the pics was about to release in the month of May or June as they decided earlier but Ranveer Singh has his own commitments and shoots for other projects and he also has a movie release so Ranveer Singh their said to post the pics later. Since they were ready, Ranveer wanted to wait.

In the photos, Ranveer went naked and it was his nude photos so his buttocks were clearly visible and the last time his fans saw him like that in his movie Befikre which was released in 2016.

As Ranveer Singh’s nude photos for Paper Magazine posted on social media went viral and drove his fans crazy. Most of the time Ranveer Singh grabs people’s attention as a headline for his unique fashion style and different looks and outfits which he wears amazingly but now he has covered the headlines and is in the headlines in stripping completely without a single piece of cloth on him.

It breaks the internet. Ranveer was posing on a Turkish rug and her photoshoot was inspired by Burt Reynolds who once did the same nude photoshoot for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Currently, after the photos were posted or posted on social media, the internet is breaking the internet and there are so many people who have started stalking Ranveer Singh for his looks and his boldness. Many people have started creating different types of memes which have gone viral on social media.

So many people laughed at him and even criticized Ranveer Singh after seeing his nude photos. On the other hand, there are so many people who have praised his work but are doing things like this that are completely off the beaten track.

Many Bollywood celebrities are also speaking out and responding to Ranveer Singh’s trolls saying it’s his choice he can do stuff like that he’s comfortable in it rather than stop putting your opinions on someone else. It’s his preference and if that’s not your thing don’t drink it and they also said if you don’t like it don’t see it.

Ranveer Singh is breaking the internet with his daring nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine that is jumping the heartbeat of his fans.

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