Dead Space Remake Gets a January 2023 Release Date

There’s probably less pressure to keep every piece of information secret when the game you’re developing is a remake. EA Motive seems to be taking advantage of this by releasing plenty of behind-the-scenes and in-development videos and streams of their work on the Dead Space remake. Then, from time to time in these feeds, they offer news. In March, they let it be known during a deep dive into the remake’s audio that the game would be released in early 2023. Now, during a game art livestream, they’ve announced the release date. specific: January 27, 2023.

Here’s the full livestream, if you want to know more about how much graphics this remake has compared to the original:

The original Dead Space launched in 2008 and was a macabre action horror game set aboard a spaceship overrun by multi-limbed necromorphs. You, as engineer Isaac Clarke, were fortunately armed with a laser-cutting device to slice through those limbs. It was interesting and scary and well-ranged, and difficult enough to block the microtransactions in which EA quickly misplaced the series through its two sequels.

EA Motive weren’t the developers of the original trilogy – Visceral Games was shut down by EA in 2017 – but they seem to be approaching the remake with real care. The videos they post about the development process are obviously designed to convey that, but they’re also interesting on their own. For example, here’s one about the remake’s ALIVE system, which alters Isaac’s breathing, heart rate, grunts, and dialogue based on his physical and mental state.

Yes, I completely agree with horror protagonists gasping and groaning. Allow me to embody the decrepit meat vessel that I truly am.

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