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Courage: The Story of Seven San Diego POWs

Documentary film screened on Sunday, September 18 at the Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park

San Diego, California, September 18, 2022. What does it take to survive as a POW? Sometimes this answer depends profoundly on the circumstances. For seven former POWs and residents of San Diego, the answer to that question is revealed in a deeply moving historical account of seven strangers who will forever be bound by acts of war but, more importantly, by individual acts of courage. .

Courage,” is a new film produced by documentary filmmaker William (Bill) Lowe (, which focuses on the personal stories of seven former prisoners. The backdrop: two prisoners were just young boys, one captured by the Japanese, the other by German forces, and held for more than three years during World War II (WWII) in the Philippines and in Europe. Five other POWs also suffered unspeakable treatment inside Vietnam’s notorious POW camp, former POWs Tom Speir Crosby, Louis De Beer, Jose Astorga, Henry James Bedinger, Art Neil Black, Captain Jack Ensch and Lewis Meyer share their individual stories in this harrowing and riveting film

Two Screening Times 1PM – $15 – includes a discussion with filmmaker, Bill LOWE. 3 pm includes a discussion with the 7 former prisoners of war, the art exhibition of Joseph Pisano and a silent auction.

All proceeds will go to NAMPOW and PISANO Artistry.

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