Chromebooks will get new editing and productivity tools in August: Details

ChromeOS is getting a bunch of recent video editing tools and productivity options starting next month. Google is launching an all-new movie editor with new editing options in Google Photos apps, and it’s supposed to make the “one-click” method of creating movies easier. Along with these instruments, there are new options in Google Photos wallpapers, light and dark themes, new PDF editing options, deeper calendar integration, and new features in virtual desktops. Options will start rolling out to Chromebooks starting the first week of August.

The first main set of options is coming to Google Photos in the form of a brand new movie editor and video editing options. According to Google, the movie maker has been revamped, allowing customers to quickly create “high-quality movies” through the use of directed themes, using AI results such as Real Tone filters, including music and title cards, among various choices. . Users will be able to open a video in the Gallery app and continue editing it in Google Photos with a tap using deeper integration into the operating system.

Additionally, Google says that the all-new Google Photos options can also mechanically create a movie. The user must choose a theme, photos and movies of people (or pets), and Google Photos will compile them to create a movie, just like on Android. These options will likely be available first on Chromebook starting in August.

In addition to the brand new options related to movies and videos, Google Photos can benefit from improvements in wallpapers. Not only can you set wallpapers from Google Photos albums, but you can also have them change automatically every day. Additionally, Google is introducing light and dark themes on ChromeOS. You can select both themes or the “auto” choice which can mechanically change from soft to dark when day turns to night. Certain wallpapers also make this transition easier, says Google.

There are various options which include new PDF editing options in the Gallery app (Chromebook’s default media app), deeper calendar integration for a quick view of details without opening another app or tab of browser, and notification improvements allowing for a cleaner user interface. All of these options will even roll out to ChromeOS in August.

Virtual desktops, a feature that allows users to keep all associated applications and home windows associated with a particular company grouped together, will allow them to save and close an entire desktop and then continue from where they left with a tap. This feature will roll out to ChromeOS in late September.

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