Christmas Gifts 2021: Samsung Frame TVs, Gaming Monitors, Sound Bars, Refrigerators and More

With Christmas a few days away, some of us are not as organized as we would like. Gift shopping can be so overwhelming, and when you can’t find the perfect gift, sometimes it escapes you!

But with the big day approaching, if panic has set in don’t worry, Samsung got you sorted with these last minute gift ideas.

From televisions to watches, from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners; we’ve put together a list of the best last minute gifts you can buy Samsung for your loved ones this Christmas.

Samsung TV Gifts

The Samsung QN900A

This TV is available in three different sizes: 65 “, £ 4,999, 75”, £ 5,999 and 85 “, £ 9,999.

It offers an immersive 3D audio experience and incredible picture quality with Quantum Matrix Technology Pro.

Learn more and buy it here.

TV frame (Samsung)

Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is available in different sizes:

  • 32 “, £ 399
  • 43 “, £ 899
  • 50 “, £ 1,099
  • 55 “, £ 1,199
  • 65 “, £ 1,299
  • 75 “, £ 1,999

The Frame TV brings art and entertainment to your home with its 4K QLED and Dual LED technology.

When users aren’t watching TV on The Frame, it turns into a blank canvas to showcase fabulous artwork or even cherished family photographs.

Buy it here.

The customizable frame for The Frame TV

Thanks to the all-new UK digital platform,, customers can now pre-order their choice of glasses from an initial range of 10 colors to help match their Frame TV to their interior space.

You can buy it here for £ 129.

Worcester News: Samsung Sero TV (Samsung)The Samsung Sero TV (Samsung)

The Samsung Sero TV

For £ 999 you can gift your loved ones (or yourself) the Samsung Sero TV. This TV provides a great optimized mobile experience, so it is perfect for social media fans.

The screen can switch between landscape and portrait, which means it allows perfectly mirrored content to scroll Instagram, go to Snapchat, and scroll TikTok.

Learn more and buy it here.

Worcester News: Samsung QN900A and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor (Samsung)Samsung QN900A and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor (Samsung)

Samsung Gaming Monitor Gifts

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor

So the Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor costs £ 1,849 and is available in 49 “. It offers a comfortable 1000R curvature, immersive interaction and perfect picture quality thanks to its Mini-Led quantum imaging.

It has a 49-inch curved display, HDR2000 resolution and 240Hz refresh rate.

Learn more and buy it here.

Samsung Sound Bar Gifts

The Samsung Q-Series HW-Q950A sound bar

This sound bar will give incredible cinematic sound to your music. The subwoofer has a total of 22 speakers, delivering incredible sound, ensuring listeners hear every detail.

Learn more and buy it here.

Samsung refrigerators

Samsung custom refrigerator

It comes in different sizes and prices:

  • 1.85m (1 Door) Custom Fridges & Freezers – List Price: £ 899.99 – £ 999.99
  • Classic Custom 1.85m (2 Door) Fridge Freezer – List Price: £ 749.99 – £ 899.99
  • Classic Custom 2.03m (2-Door) Fridge Freezer – List Price: £ 999.99 – £ 1,349.99

It is the ultimate madness for interior design enthusiasts. There are 14 colors and finishes to choose from and a new customizable range.

Find out more here.

Worcester News: The Samsung Jet ™ 90 Pro (Samsung) The Samsung Jet ™ 90 Pro (Samsung)

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Gifts

The Samsung Jet ™ 90 Pro

What could be better than the gift of a clean house? The Samsung Jet ™ 90 Pro vacuum cleaner will deliver just that.

With huge 200W suction power, design that increases airflow and cyclonic filters, it works efficiently and makes the air in your home as clean as the floors.

Learn more and buy it here.

Buy all of this and more from the Samsung website.

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