Children’s healing center shows support with huge paper chain

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand Rapids Children’s Healing Center is putting its love and support on paper.

The center launched a “paper support channel” on October 10, which is World Mental Health Day, and posted the channel around the 7,000 square foot building on Thursday morning.

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Each link in the paper chain represents the community of supporters who stand alongside the center to help break the bonds of loneliness and isolation that many members and their families may face.

This challenge also encourages businesses and community members to post a photo of themselves wearing green on social media, tag the center and use the hashtag “#CHC1010”.

For each message published, a green paper link is added to the chain.

Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing built the chain for the center.

GRAM Paper Chain

Children’s Healing Center

“It was really amazing to see everyone coming together and really participating in something so important. Mental health is such an important thing for everyone and the unique journey that our members go on is just a really important thing for them to be able to know that they are uplifted and supported by the community,” Melissa Block, director of development and growth and the center, explained to FOX 17.

The Children’s Healing Center has worked since 2015 to serve as a safe space for children with complicated medical diagnoses and their families.

The goal is to allow families to come together safely to experience the healing power of play and to access a community with similar experiences.

“Experiencing a complicated medical diagnosis can often perpetuate feelings of loneliness in children and adults. Through this project, we hope to show our families a warm embrace from community members, who are a crucial part of our recipe for fun,” added Autumn Haan, the center’s executive director for the west. from Michigan. “We believe gaming facilitates friendships and support, so what better way to show that than by creating a good old-fashioned paper chain.”

Children’s Healing Center is the nation’s first recreation center dedicated to children with compromised immune systems.

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