Chichester film premiere celebrates an impressionist painter who was unfairly overlooked

Cassatt – Self-Portrait (1878) Metropolitan Museum of Art

Phil will be there in person to present the film on Saturday August 27 at 4 p.m.

“I love this cinema. One of the reasons why I try so hard to make films for the cinema is that there are fewer and fewer places in our communities where we may bump into someone like you used to in banks, libraries, or whatever. The perfect cinema is a place that has great movies, a good coffee, maybe an ongoing photography exhibit; a place where they know their customers and where the customers know each other, and New Park is excellent in every way. I have rarely seen a film shown there that did not sell, that was not received with great enthusiasm, where I didn’t sell a lot of DVDs afterwards and where I didn’t have a very nice reaction – and as a filmmaker I really appreciate that and film festivals are a huge amount You can really underestimate the amount of work it takes to put one on and the Chiches Film Festival ter is a great example. Film festivals have their ups and downs and of course we had Covid but somehow they just managed to keep going. I just think the film festival there and the cinema are things that should be really enjoyed.

“Cinema chains have young audiences in mind who are going to keep coming back again and again to returning brands, Marvels, etc. About 80% of their ticketing is that stuff, but if that’s not your bag then there are very few places you can go and again New Park is just perfect in that sense.

This is the tenth year of the Phil’s Exhibition on Screen series: “In the next few weeks, I will be finishing our 33rd feature, this one about Edward Hopper. About half of the films are based on exhibitions, the other half are pure biographies, and the biographies of these artists are simply fantastic because they have extraordinary stories behind them.

“The most popular art genre is still the Impressionists, but I think history has done a bit of a disservice to two key members of the Impressionists, Berthe Morisot and Mary Cassatt. Many people won’t even have heard of Mary Cassatt , but there she was in the mix, a key part of what was going on. She was an amazing woman who was born in what is now Pittsburgh, but she spent most of her life in Paris.

“If you look at one of her paintings of maybe a woman and a child it might seem simple, but when you look closer there’s a lot going on that reflects her own life, the time period and what she was trying to say. No one really said anything about her being a female artist and she hated the term female artist. The other artists just accepted her as an artist but I think the story gave her a bad service by considering her as a woman artist. The fact is that she was wonderful. She lived a long time. She covered the entire Impressionist period, and she was a fantastic and important painter.

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