Photographic paper

The Daily Herald – The words of the prefect “lit a tactile paper” for the demonstrations, according to the collectives

Members of the collective Albert Blake, Lenny Mussington, Cédrick André, Lucien Gamiette (partly hidden) and Horace Whit spoke to reporters on Monday about the protests. (photo by Robert Luckock) MARIGOT – Collective spokesperson Lenny Mussington at a press conference at Sandy Ground on Monday accused Prefect Serge Gouteyron of “criminalizing” …

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Frances Forever on being a “certified fool”

“I was young and dumb, but now I’m just dumb,” sings Boston-based Frances Forever (real name: Frances Garrett) on their new single, “Certified Fool” – a hook that perfectly captures the sentiment. adult restlessness and regret sitting in our stupidity. “I want to go back to high school,” the indie-pop …

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