Award-winning documentary capturing the spirit of London hits the international film festival circuit

Written and directed by Bulgarian-British filmmaker Jana Angelova, ‘London Through My Eyes’ is the latest in the creator’s series of travel shorts – winning an award and rave reviews

An arthouse travel film capturing ‘the spirit of London’ has entered the international film festival circuit after winning ‘Best Documentary Short’ in 2022.

London through my eyes‘ picked up a trophy at the Crown Wood International Film Festival and is now playing in cinemas around the world – having been selected for screenings at the Hollywood Gold Awards in the United States; Anatolia International Film Festival in Turkey; and the Sincine Film Festival in India.

The film received rave reviews for its sense of “wonder” at a previous screening at the Utah Film Festival, while the Crown Wood Film Festival panel in Kolkata described the production as “a work exceptional creative”.

Written and directed by British-Bulgarian designer Jana Angelova, ‘London Through My Eyes’ is committed to creating a glamorous snapshot of the British capital and represents the second installment in a trio of travel movies.

A photographic project, the short documentary draws inspiration from BBC and National Geographic travel productions and functions as a love letter to London – marveling at the region’s architecture, history and atmosphere.

Jana has been filming “London Through My Eyes” over the past year, learning many filmmaking techniques on the job.

Artist and model Jana always wanted to tell the story of the city she loved – and this 15-minute documentary is the result.

“The whole experience has been very hard work, but very rewarding,” Jana said.

“Obviously there have been so many negatives over the last two years, but I wanted to use this film to focus on all the positive things London has to offer.

“It’s an amazing place and I wanted to show it. Using photography, I tried to capture the essence of the city and show what it’s all about – the history and the look of the buildings with hidden parts that people may not know about.

“London Through My Eyes” is currently playing on the film festival circuit around the world and will be available online later this year.

Find out more about the film by visiting the official website IMDB page and my travels website – which also contains information on the other two films in the series: “Vitosha Mountain” (2018) and the upcoming “Discovering Mumbai”.

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