Arts Commission Announces Finalists for Art in Public Places Program

The Greater Toledo Arts Commission’s Art in Public Places program has announced the finalists for the Uptown Green Shade project.

This year’s finalists are Barbra Miner, Mercé Culp and Bradley Scherzer.

These three artists will be paid $2,500 for their work in constructing a permanent shade system using their artistic expertise. One winner will be chosen and their design will be fully developed and installed in the Toledo City Park.

The finalists

Barbra Miner, a native of Toledo, is full professor and holder of the chair of the University of Toledo. Known for her sculptures, paintings and installations, Miner has made the national and international scene – her work being exhibited from Maine to California and continuing in Scotland and Poland.

She has also received several grants to assist her in her research over the years.

Miner has also collaborated with other artists such as photographer Rosamond Purcell and sculptor Dewey Blocksma with whom she created a talk and workshop.

Describing her art, she states in a press release that “My works are inspired by the current and historical landscape; the flora and fauna of northwest Ohio. …Rather than duplicating what I see, I strive to create an impression of what I experience.

Bradley Scherzer, also from Toledo, holds many titles. His many hats include: being an active artist, artistic coordinator and artistic educator. Currently, he teaches at Fremont Ross High School.

“I am a full-time arts educator, a true interpreter of information. It is my daily task to select the circumstances – to present and adapt a set of images, experiences and activities – for everyone who enters my spaces. The goal of each session is for them to circulate, absorb, investigate and transform some aspect of their understanding. It’s a tricky business,” Scherzer said in a press release.

Recently, a large part of his time has been devoted to the commitment of his community, in particular young artists.

Merce Culp is also a Toledo, known as Urban Digitz.

Culp had a background in 3D art and digital character animation. Inspired by his style, his works have been transformed into wearable works of art.

Her art is unmistakably inspired by her sense of fashion. So much so that she created her own brand called MFINITY FASHION which she describes as a luxury fashion and artist brand.

“An endless display of patterns and artwork that provokes alternate color choices and offers common and less common palettes with interesting designs you can wear,” Culp said when describing his work in a press release. .

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