Anti-racism training gives our employees the tools to build a more inclusive business

In 2021, we continued our efforts to create a sense of belonging at the firm and ensure that our employees feel they can be themselves at work. One of the ways we have bridged the gap between thought and action has been to provide a number of anti-racism trainings to associates, associates and business services professionals across the firm. One such training, Behaviors of Inclusion, was a virtual, interactive workshop led by LifeLabs Learning. Nearly 500 people attended the workshop in its first year.

The workshop began with the premise that while we are all biased, our biases should not prevent us from being inclusive. Led by a LifeLabs facilitator, groups of 25-30 people explored the science behind unconscious bias and its effects in the workplace. The workshop then linked these concepts to specific behaviors that everyone could adopt to fight prejudice and make the workplace more inclusive.

During the workshop, participants were divided into small groups to practice simple habits that help reduce exclusionary behaviors that occur in a wide range of situations, including one-on-one interactions, meetings, and sessions. of feedback. For example, attendees learned specific phrases to make sure everyone felt welcome and encouraged to contribute to meetings. They also learned how to convert subjective statements given back into objective statements. For example, instead of describing a team member as “unprofessional,” a word with no objective meaning, people have learned to rely on factual words and phrases, which are less prone to bias.

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