An E Ink photo frame that shows different landscapes

There may be no shortage of E Ink photo frames, but here is one that is different in that it is specifically designed to show traditional Chinese landscape scrolls in the most innovative way. That is, the E Ink photo frame courtesy of Dheera Venkatraman is able to display, like Hackaday declared on its site, “a Shan Shui-style landscape that endlessly scrolls and never repeats.”

As is the case with Chinese landscape scrolls which can be dozens of feet long and require the viewer to move through its entire length to experience every detail, the E Ink Photo Frame takes things to another level. in that it shows the image of the landscape which never repeats itself. At work behind the scenes is a script written by Lingdong Huang that acts to generate the image of the landscape. This again includes a single HTML file with JavaScript embedded in it, meaning no extravagant computer setup would be required to run the script.

Instead, it’s a Raspberry Pi Zero that serves as the compute backbone and runs the script written by Lingdong. Additionally, this is a 10.3-inch E Ink screen that Dheera used, which in turn was mounted in a photo frame taken from the shelf. It all makes things simple yet brilliant with a different image displayed every time you look at it. What’s more, the whole thing has been configured so elegantly that it could be virtually impossible to make out its clever electronics at work here.

On the contrary, it can be easily presented as a magic photo frame capable of displaying a different image each time. It is something that people would like to look too with such historical artworks like Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains and Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains which inspired the image of the landscape.

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