An artist cuts white paper to create optical illusions

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Using a single sheet of white paper, Parth Kothekar can create mesmerizing works of art. The India-based designer has been carving, cutting and manipulating paper for many years, producing intricate pieces inspired by nature, architecture and beyond. His latest series transforms plain sheets of paper into optical illusions reminiscent of the iconic prints of Dutch master MC Escher.

Unlike her previous works, which focused on decorative details such as lace, this project explores a different potential of paper. Here, Kothekar draws on perspective and repetitive patterns to produce compositions that captivate the eye. Much like Escher’s art, these unique paper cutouts distort space to create a continuous composition that viewers can immerse themselves in.

Amazingly, Kothekar manages to craft each of these masterpieces without relying on the help of glue or tape. Instead, he carefully plans his works so that the perforations remain contained within the same piece of paper. It bends certain sections backwards to create larger openings so light or background color can pass through and add three-dimensionality to the environment.

You can purchase original artwork through Kothekar’s Etsy shop and keep up to date with his latest work by following him on Instagram.

Artist Parth Kothekar masterfully cuts white paper.

Paper Cut Illusions by Parth KothekarPaper Cut Illusions by Parth Kothekar

In his latest series, he transforms blank sheets of paper into optical illusions.

Paper Cut Illusions by Parth KothekarPaper Cut Illusions by Parth Kothekar

These upside-down pieces feature repeating patterns that add to the mind-blowing effect.

Paper Cut Illusions by Parth KothekarPaper Cut Illusions by Parth KothekarParth Kothekar: Etsy | instagram

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