Amanda Gorman posts ‘New Day’s Lyric’ poem on Instagram

To welcome the New Year, its possibilities and reflect on the collective challenge of 2021, acclaimed poet Amanda Gorman has shared a new poem, “New Day’s Lyric,” which ties it all together.

Gorman posted the poem reading on Instagram this week, alongside its wording. Wearing a striking white Cong Tri gown, she delivered the necessary message we all need – that after a year of mourning, after being tampered with, torn or beaten, “We must always lead the way.”

She focused on 2022 being the glimmer of light in the dark tunnel that was 2021. “This hope is our door, our portal,” she said. “Even if we never return to normal, one day we will be able to venture beyond, to leave the known and take the first steps.

But hope for the future was not his only goal. “Where we tend to argue, we’ll try to come to an agreement,” Gorman said, preaching a message of unity, which would be perfect since we’re all going through this pandemic together. “Those times when we meet, and our hearts, once all together beaten, now all beaten together,” she continued.

Gorman’s poem is part of a project she is working on with the International Rescue Committee to help those affected by the pandemic. In addition to its organization, Meta is also expected to donate $ 50,000 to the organization.

Talk to Vanity Fair ahead of the poem’s release, Gorman detailed what it was like to create it. “I can’t wait to work with Instagram because part of what inspired me to write this New Year’s poem was thinking about the stories and stories I have seen shared over the past two years, which he it’s about coming to terms with grief, loss, social change, climate change, ”she said. “And so many of these stories, I think, we interact or meet on social media.”

Gorman – who performed her poem “The Hill We Climb” during the inauguration of President Joe Biden and became the first National Poet Laureate in 2017 – has published a collection of poems, Call us what we transport, earlier this month.

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