Aluratek Digital Frame Review: Is This Wooden Digital Frame A Good Gift Choice For Mom?

Is Aluratek 8 Inch Distressed Wood Digital Photo Frame Worth It?

Hanging up photos of your friends and family is a great way to preserve important memories. However, when you have many important photos for you, they can start to take up more space than you would like. Digital photo frames are a great way to display precious memories without taking up too much space in your home.

Aluratek claims its Aged Wood Digital Photo Frame displays crisp, clear images and has an easy-to-use interface. We tested the Aluratek Digital Frame to see if it’s as good as it says.

Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame review

We make every effort to investigate every claim made by the brand or manufacturer regarding the product. For this article, our tester uploaded photos to the frame using a memory card, USB hard drive, and USB key. They tested the controls on the back of the device and the slideshow function.

What is Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame?

This digital frame has no internal storage, so you will need to use an external device if you purchase the version without Wi-Fi. Setting up your storage devices is easy in most cases, although they will need to be formatted correctly to work. You can use the Aluratek framework to view images, but it is not compatible with video files.

Your photos will automatically appear as a slideshow. You can set Slideshow to use animated transitions when flipping through photos, but many transitions look pixelated and buggy. We preferred to use the standard slideshow mode without animations.

Updating the time and date is simple, as are the rest of the framework’s controls. Still, the user interface feels clunky and outdated compared to others we’ve tested.

Price and where to buy Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame

You can purchase the Aluratek digital frame from Amazon Where Dell for around $50 to $60.

How to use Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame

Using the framework is incredibly easy. We initially had trouble using our external storage devices, but once we formatted them, the frame started displaying our photos as a slideshow. The controls were slower than expected, but they were intuitive. Device menu navigation looks like a setup menu on a television. You use the up and down arrows to navigate through menu options and the left and right arrows to make a selection.

Aluratek Wi-Fi enabled frames allow you to upload photos from your phone using the Frametime app. Most users found the app easy to use and liked that they could also allow friends and family members to upload photos. Still, many have struggled to update the app and get it working properly.

Images do not automatically rotate, so you will need to rotate photos before uploading if necessary.

Advantages of Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame

  • Ease of use: This framework is easy to use and we love that it automatically cycles through photos.
  • Price: It is affordable compared to most of its competitors.
  • Versatility: We like that you can choose between a Wi-Fi enabled or standard frame. The Wi-Fi enabled frames are great for those who want to upload photos when away from home, but the standard version is ideal for those who prefer simplicity.

Disadvantages of Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame

  • Material quality: The frame looks plastic when you approach it. Still, it looks great from a distance.
  • Image resolution: Image quality is not ideal. The photos didn’t look as good on the frame as they did on our DSLR camera. Images look best when standing directly in front of the frame, but look noticeably worse when viewed from an angle.
  • Clumsiness : The frame does not respond to commands as well as we would have hoped. Additionally, animated transitions appear pixelated during slideshows.

Should you get the Aluratek 8 inch digital photo frame?

The Aluratek Digital Frame is ideal for those who want an affordable frame to display their photos. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection, making it a perfect choice for people looking for something simple and intuitive.

Consider other products

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