Academic portal sees growing interest in article about North Korea’s link to Comfort Woman scam

On August 8, 2022, Waseda University professor Tetsuo Arima and Harvard Law School professor J Mark Ramseyer uploaded “Comfort Women: The North Korean Connection” to the social science research scholarly exchange portal. Network (SSRN).

In the article, the two scholars work from a wealth of archival and other documentary evidence to show how the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – specifically, Kim’s dictatorship in Pyongyang, and those in South Korea , Japan and the pro-North Korean regime United States – manipulating the comfort woman scam for political purposes.

As of this writing, “Comfort Women: The North Korean Connection” is the most downloaded SSRN document in its category of all time. Its category: History Research Network: Subject Matter eJournals. It is currently No. 5 on the list of most downloaded downloads in the last 60 days, and in September it ranked at No. 3 overall.

Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang with samples of his missiles. (Korean Central News Agency via Kyodo)

How the scam benefits North Korea

Professors Arima and Ramseyer write in their article that “an apparently corrupt organization [inside South Korea] with close ties to North Korea (the leader’s husband served a prison sentence for passing documents to a North Korean agent) took control of the comfort women movement.”

This North Korean-linked organization in South Korea, the professors continue, then “ignited ethno-nationalism in South Korea and blocked rapprochement with Japan”.

All of this took place, the professors add, as North Korea was developing its nuclear weapons program. The comfort woman scam was a convenient cover for such activities.

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keep climbing

The 63-page paper by Professors Arima and Ramseyer tops nearly 4,000 other papers in its category and tops Paper #2 by more than 800 downloads. Arima-Ramseyer’s article on North Korea outperforms the other Top 10 articles in the category in number of downloads by an average factor of 2.01.

The document has been downloaded over 6,000 times to date and is rapidly approaching 21,000 abstract views.

As North Korea continues to launch missiles and expand its nuclear capabilities, and more scholars in Japan, South Korea, the United States and elsewhere expose the comfort women scam as a false story, it is likely that the SSRN article by Professors Arima and Ramseyer will continue to generate strong interest among scholars and the concerned public.


Author: Jason Morgan, PhD

Jason Morgan is an associate professor at Reitaku University in Kashiwa, Japan. Find his reports and tests on JAPAN Striker here.

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