A Woman’s ‘Day Made Out’ After ‘Lovely’ 13-Year-Old Paper Girl Leaves Heartwarming Note

Susie Dunne, from Southport, has received a number of rave reviews for her home’s festive decorations – but one made her day more than any other

Susie Dunne’s Christmas Decorations Received Many Compliments

Woman was speechless when she saw a sweet note that a paper delivery woman put in the letterbox at her party house

Susie Dunne, of Southport, has received a number of rave reviews for her home’s festive decorations – but one made her day more than any other.

Susie, 46, came home to find a candy cane and a side note from the local paper delivery girl telling her how comforting her home decorations are.

The note read, “Hello, I’m your paper girl and just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Your decorations comfort me every day when I pass them, they are amazing! Much love.”

Susie said she and her partner thought it was “the sweetest thing”, before adding, “It made our day.”

Susie said she has never met the girl before, as she always hands over her papers while she is at work, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The sweet note Susie received through her door from the paper girl


Susie Dunne)

But since the note was left, she spoke with the paper girl and brought Christmas cheer back to her by gifting her a box of chocolates.

Susie said, “Writing a little card on your own back and mailing it with a little candy cane is the sweetest thing.

“I was working from home the next day and left her a note saying she could knock on the door because we had written her a little card.

“We told her how much we loved her card, how well she made our day and how happy we were that she enjoyed our Christmas decorations.”

Susie and her partner are about to enjoy their second Christmas at their home and love to decorate this time of year.

She said: “We have icicles all around the top of the house and under the picture window. We have a lighted up reindeer and a Christmas tree outside.

“It’s really beautiful but I’m sure you could see us from space.

“When we were turning on the lights, a woman walked past her and beeped and told us she loved it.

“It’s the house that makes people smile. We love to do it and we love that the paper girl loves the house.”

Susie said that by posting the photo of the note on the Southport Chat Facebook group, she had received numerous messages saying “she was beautiful a young girl” the paper girl was.

Susie added, “I think people thought it was because she wanted a little tip, but she didn’t do it for that purpose. She just did it because she likes our decorations.

“I would say she’s about 13 years old and just a very, very sweet and lovable kid.

“She’s very genuine and just a lovely soul. She really made our day.”

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