5 Affinity Photo Tools We Need in Adobe Photoshop

For most editing, Adobe Photoshop sets the tone and has been the industry standard for decades. However, as alternative software improves and innovates, there are some features that Photoshop lacks that could make it better.

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for almost 20 years, which can’t be true, but unfortunately it is. I picked up the software in my early teens when I wanted to build websites in Dreamweaver and was a bit hooked. Photoshop seemed incredibly complex and deep to the point of being impossible to master. Now I look back and see it was relatively simple compared to today’s iteration

A big part of why Photoshop has been the industry standard for so long is because this is the industry standard. Simply put, to maintain its position at the top of the pile, it had to keep improving and innovating to quench the ever-increasing thirst of its users. However, somewhere in the last decade we have seen the rise of many alternative programs similar to Photoshop. Some are trying to do more than Photoshop will ever try by becoming a “one-stop-shop” for post-production and some are trying to do what Photoshop does, but offer it to their users at a much lower price. Either way, these lesser-known apps have had to innovate just to gain market share, which has led to opportunities like the premise of this video: an alternative to Photoshop has powerful tools than Photoshop itself does not have.

What tools would you like to see added to Photoshop? I have to say that since watching the video, I’m surprised that, as Abbey Esparza says, all the tools in Photoshop don’t have a live preview like they do in Affinity.

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